Dependency Structures and Lexicalized Grammars

ETH Z├╝rich: Autumn 2021

Course Description

Dependency parsing is a fundamental task in natural language processing. This seminar explores a variety of algorithms for efficient dependency parsing and their derivatioin in a unified algebraic framework. The core ideas behind the mathematics of dependency parsing are explored.

Time: Tues 16-18h Zoom (recurring link sent at start of semester).

Materials: Dependency Structures and Lexicalized Grammars: An Algebraic Approach


Topic Materials   Presenters
Week 1 Introduction Ryan Cotterell
Week 2 Chapters 1&2: Introduction to Dependency Parsing Slides Jan Kogler, Jens Brunner, Sangbeom Park, Jan Appel
Week 3 Chapter 3: Projective Dependency Structures Slides Michael Heider, Federico Mantovani, Liva Schaffner, Andrea Raguso
Week 4 Chapter 4: Dependency Structures of Bounded Degree Slides Tilman de Lanversin, Nathan Neike, Rafael Fernandes, David Hofer
Week 5 Chapter 5
Week 6 Chapter 6
Week 7 Chapter 7
Week 8 Chapter 8
Week 9 Chapter 9