Tiago Pimentel

Tiago Pimentel

PhD Student

University of Cambridge

Tiago is a third-year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, where he is supervised by Ryan. The supervision mostly consists of arguing with Ryan over research ideas, and Tiago insisting he is right. At the moment, Tiago is mainly interested in information theory and its application to the study of machine learning models and linguistics. To this end, he has recently been dabbling in information-theoretic linguistics and probing. Tiago enjoys the few sunny days he gets in the UK and is always looking forward to summer. Before joining Cambridge for his PhD, he did his undergraduate studies in Automation and Control Engineering at the University of Brasilia—a very dry city with a lovely sky—and a masters in computer science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, located in Belo Horizonte, the city with (arguably) the best food and (potentially) the most friendly people in the world. (Tiago himself is not from Belo Horizonte, though, so he is not that friendly). Tiago takes great pleasure in correcting Ryan’s grammatical mistakes when Ryan speaks to him in Portuguese.

Native Language: Portuguese

Animal Form: Sea turtle


  • information-theoretic linguistics
  • probing
  • computational morphology
  • computational typology