Anej Svete

Anej Svete

PhD Student

ETH Zürich

Anej is a first-year PhD fellow at the ETH AI Center, where he is co-advised by Ryan and prof. Valentina Boeva. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and obtained his Master’s degree in Data Science at ETH Zürich. He now helps with teaching the Large Language Models, Advanced Formal Language Theory, and Natural Language Processing courses.

Anej’s main research interests lie in the intersection of formal language theory and modern language models, where he is working on improving our understanding of the formal properties of architectures such as recurrent neural networks and Transformers with weighted formalisms from formal language theory. He is also interested in representation learning and its interpretability.

If you ask him about his hobbies you will find out he likes to read (you may also learn a lot about John Kennedy Toole and Christopher Moore), run, hike, and aquascape. As a true Slovene, he can also bake potica.

Native Language: Slovene


  • Formal language theory
  • Analysis of language models with formal language theory
  • Formal methods in NLP
  • Interpretability
  • Representation learning
  • Bioinformatics